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Life Happens Every Day.
Are you ready to manage it?

Welcome to Life Management Service.

I’m Danielle Carney, a professional organizer and project manager for residential and commercial clients. I believe that how we run and live our lives is our “biggest project”. It’s an ongoing project that we can continue to assess, organize, manage and improve. I’m passionate about helping clients organize, manage and stay on top of life. I offer my clients services, processes and knowledge to help get your spaces, your technology, your life events, and your day-to-day life activities to work for you best.

I’m Ready to Organize and Manage My Life!


“Danielle is the best organizer ever. That is no exaggeration…she is hardworking, trust worthy, does not judge me and my mess and finds solutions that are based on how me and my family live. She is an absolute life saver, who happens to be affordable. I would highly recommend her if your life needs any type of organizational solution.” – Daisy A.

“I would like to recommend highly Life Management Service as a resource for assisting with your organizational needs. They handled all aspects of the organizing process at my home. They designed a shelving system, ordered supplies, scheduled the installation of the shelving, racks, and containers, monitored the installation, and assisted with re-hanging clothes with new hangers. Also, helped with packing scarves, shoes, hats, underwear, and jewelry. If you are looking for a company that will pay attention to the details, then Life Management Service can get the job done! – Cynthia M.

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