Have you ever thought that it would be so much easier if you could easily see all of the items in your cabinets? Are your cabinet shelves starting to sag?  Are the bottoms of your drawers splitting from years of use?  Well there is a solution and Danielle can help you achieve it!  ShelfGenie, the premier Glide-Out™ shelving provider and cabinet organizer, Danielle of Life Management Service, have joined forces to offer the best of both worlds!  You can keep your original kitchen cabinets, thus minimizing the cost while improving the functionality of your kitchen with custom made Glide-Outs inside your existing cabinets.  All of this while having a Professional Organizer help you design your new kitchen.  Ready to get started? Contact Danielle!

SG-Regala- hall1 before Regala- hall2 after

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