Some people like to say “New Year, New You”… I like to say “New Year, BETTER You!” after all we are who we and its okay. All we can do is do better every year. As 2014 draws to a close, it is important to realize that you did accomplish some things.  Don’t just focus on what you haven’t done, really sit and write down what you did get accomplished.  Did you finally clean out the closet? Get your holiday cards out on time? Remember to send your Aunt a birthday card ON TIME? Clean out a closet and donate the items?  Big or small ALL of it is an accomplishment.  Celebrate it! Just vow to do better in 2015.

Personally I didn’t get everything on my list done in 2014 and I decided some of the items weren’t as important and removed them.  Some of the things on my list were:
  • Have a salad for lunch 3 days per week => DONE!
  • Clean out all of the closets & attic in my home => I finished the closet, but not the attic; so adding that to my 2015 list
  • Have Headshots taken => DONE!
  • Filled out the paperwork to join the Golden Circle Society of NAPO => DONE!
  • Institute “Meatless Mondays” => Decided against this.  I need more protein, not less!
  • Updated my website => DONE!
  • Add at least five new clients => DONE!
  • Travel more => Working on this…
  • Find a non-profit where I can donate my organizing skills => still looking…any suggestions, please let me know. 🙂
So as you can see, somethings changed but some stayed the same.  As the saying goes, I will keep on keepin’ on.  What did you get done?  What can you roll over to 2015?
Just remember…. New year, Better you.  Happy 2015!!
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