• Home Organizing Services

    Home Organizing Services


    We will de-clutter and sort through everything; helping you discard unwanted or unnecessary items, establish a home for thethings you’re keeping, and securing store any keepsakes.

    Closet Design & Organization

    We organize all types of closets.  We can work with your current system, to make it functional and easy to use or design and install a new closet systems tailored to your needs.

    Office Organization Design

    Our special Makeover Team includes an organizer, interior designer, carpenter, electrician, and painter.

    Kitchen design & organization

    We’ll make every cabinet, cupboard, drawer, and pantry functional. From basic organizing to custom designs for remodeling or simple kitchen makeovers, we do it all.


    The Garage is the first place you see when you come home.  Our aim is to make your garage an orderly and pleasantenvironment where you can easily store and find items easily.

    Basement & Attic organization

    We’ll create functional storage areas by de-cluttering and establishing storage solutions that enable you to find things easily and give you a livable, functional area, while protecting the items from moisture.



  • Office, Technology & Business Organizing Services

    Office, Technology & Business Organizing Services

    Special Projects

    This can include just about anything such as: business or product development projects, new product launch, new business start-up, new pilot programs

    Paper management

    We set up and help you manage your papers using customized paper-flow systems that allow you to control paper, establishing organizing solutions to manage your paper more effectively and efficiently.

    Filing & Storage systems

    Our method uses a proven subject classification system that is easy for anyone to store and find documents easily. Not every filing cabinet is the same and, depending on your needs, may require planning to determine what your space allocations and space restrictions are in order to better establish a system that provides fast and easy document retrieval.

    Business systems

    We help plan and implement integrated enterprise solutions that support effective, dependable communications resulting in business systems that help increase efficiency and productivity!

    Information Management

    Our Information Management Consultant will establish and set up integrated systems that help manage the company’s information using strategies that include physical and electronic media to manage information and the flow of knowledge across the enterprise.

    Time Management

    We help you establish and develop time management strategies and techniques that produce effective results to achieving your goals.

    Task Management

    We provide systems and techniques to help you manage your tasks and projects. We will develop customized strategies that help you record, track and carry out your tasks and projects effectively and efficiently.

    Project Management

    Our Project Manager helps you manage projects from planning and development to final completion of the project.

    Work Management

    Our Management Consultant helps you manage work so that it doesn’t manage you. We integrate time management, task management, project management, and paper management systems and techniques.

    Staff Training

    Our specialized consultant will train your staff in any of the work and management systems we help establish. We also train new or existing staff to become more competent on their jobs.

    Policies & Procedures

    Our Technical Writer will organize and create Policies & Procedures manuals (handbooks) that include the official and company rules and regulations that govern the company.

    Organizing Charts

    We help organize and create company organizing charts that show either job positions or post functions, or both which clearly shows how each division and department of an organization relate to each other!
    Project Plans:



  • Life Events Organizing

    Life Events Organizing

    Re-locations / Moving

    We can make your moving experience stress-free and uncomplicated. We will handle any or all phases and tasks involved with moving — from packing to unpacking to organizing everything in its new place.

    Space Planning

    Our space planning expert can design plans for your existing space and, if desired, design plans for any new spaces. Then, when you are satisfied with the plan, our Organizer or Designer will move forward with giving you an organized space!

    Event Organizing, Parties, Meetings

    Our Event Organizer will help you organize any type of event — parties, meetings, conventions, trade show exhibits, weddings … you name it.

    Estates / Garage Sales

    Our specialized team helps handle all aspects of planning and presenting an estate sale, yard sale, or garage sale.

    Home Inventory

    A “Home Asset Inventory” is performed photographing and recording each of your personal belongings. A record book with inventoried photographs will be provided to you upon conclusion of the inventory process.

    Memorabilia / Collectibles

    We will organize your memorabilia and photos into custom storage boxes or systems to ensure they are protected and preserved so they can be to enjoyed for years to come!



  • Special Organizing Projects

    Special Organizing Projects

    Clutter Sweep

    Typically, this is a 5-6 hour day with intensive implementation of decluttering any space. An organizing team will sort, help you with decisions on what to keep / toss, and put order into the environment — transforming your area in just a day.

    All In Order

    This organizing plan may consist of a Clutter Sweep, and/or it may involve the implementation of organizing systems to deal with the issues that are making your life or work less efficient or productive.

    Total Order

    This could involve a complete makeover, or an intensive organizing process. Get more rooms organized and everything in order. Streamline your lifestyle and use our proven methods to help you live a more organized life.

    Contact us about making your life manageable again!

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